Wedding Minister Projectile Voms All Over Couple Saying Their Vows (VIDEO)

Bad timing.

They say that your wedding day is the most important day of your life and people often spend over a year planning it out so that it’s absolutely perfect.

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Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, someone is always on hand to ruin your best laid plans and that couldn’t be exemplified more than in the video below. The vows are often seen as a seminal part of the whole occasion so it’s probably the part that you least want to screw up. But I don’t think it could have gone worse for the woman in the video below.

As she’s pouring her heart out to the man that she loves, the wedding minister is standing there trying not to grimace before finally giving in and literally puking everywhere. Classic:

Well that certainly ruined the moment. In fairness though, you’ve got to admire the bride’s tenacity as she doesn’t really skip a beat and just keeps going with those vows with a certain look in her eye. Trooper.

Not sure what happened after this regarding the actual wedding and vows, but here’s hoping that it continued without any more hitches and this happy couple actually managed to get married. Maybe all the views are helping to pay for their honeymoon too.

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