Weatherman Accidentally Eats Cat Vomit Live On TV (Video)

Think of all the stupid things that people have done on live TV. This weatherman can join the prestigious Hall of Shame after accidentally chowing down on some cat puke.

This is probably something you’d expect to see on I’m A Celeb, not live on the news. Unfortunately this is what happened to American weatherman Scott Haney.

This video shows why you should probably not eat stuff you find on the floor. I mean, the dude can’t even blame this on being drunk. The unfortunate weatherman actually thought the feline puke was Grape Nuts. I had no idea what Grape Nuts was, it seems to be some sort of cereal. So this guy thought it was okay to eat cereal off a dirty newsroom floor on live TV. I guess it’s sort of his own fault for being a bit of an idiot.

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Once he’d properly tasted the “Grape Nuts” he realised something had gone amiss. His description of the taste and texture shows when the penny actually drops for him: “they’re a little soggy and they taste like shoes … I don’t think those are Grape Nuts. I think that might be dog doody”. I suppose that’s sort of close. I’m sure your first thought is what you’d choose to eat, if you had to; dog poop or cat sick. Answer in the comment section.

He eventually realises his mistake when it comes to his “Trending” section. In this segment describes what actually happened, believing it be his own cat’s sick that was on his shoe. So not only has it been on the floor, it’s been on his shoe and in contact with all the germs his shoe has touched. So I’m guessing it wasn’t a good day at the office for him.

I’m guessing what our mum’s told us what right, it’s never good to eat stuff off the floor.

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