Watch This Weather Man Get Savagely Burnt By A Little Kid When He Asks Him About Fireworks

Weather boi

This is straight out of a 90s movie.

Sometimes on live television, you get one of those moments that is just perfect and literally impossible to replicate. This is one of those times.

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A presenter (who may or may not be a weatherman, there’s really no evidence of that being so in the video) was doing a segment on fireworks in the run up to the 4th of July over in America where he ran into a kid outside the fireworks store. Innocently asking the kid what the best fireworks to buy were, the presenter gets absolutely rinsed out of nowhere in devastating fashion.

Wait for it:

Wow. I have literally been laughing my ass off about that for the past five minutes since I first watched that.

This kid is straight out of a 90s movie with one of the lamest insults ever, but delivered with such venom that it actually makes it kind of upsetting. Love the weatherman’s face at the end of it all too, looks like years of being bullied at school has finally come back to haunt him. Ouch.

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