Weather Channel Set Up Live Stream To Film The Demolition Of Georgia Dome, Get Brutally Trolled By Bus

Bus Explosion

Perfect timing.

You might have seen that the Georgia Dome recently got demolished after it had served for decades as the home of the Atlanta Falcons. Thanks for the memories.

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Obviously, people wanted to get the destruction of such a huge arena on camera and one guy from the Weather Channel spent all day setting up his camera in the best position to catch the epic explosion on a live stream. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t work out quite that way for him as a bus pulled up right in front of the dome just as it exploded, completely obscuring his view and ruining his whole day’s work and anybody who had bothered to tune into the 40 minutes of live streaming nothing that they had to endure before the big moment.

Unlucky guys:

Wow. That really couldn’t be timed more perfectly could it and the bus is almost the perfect size to cover the Georgia Dome exactly. Sometimes the universe can be a real ass.

I love the guy’s pained cries of ‘ugh’ too. Gotta be frustrating for him, but you know there’s nothing he can do about it except cry like a little bitch. Sorry pal.

If you want to see some real explosions, check out this post we literally titled ‘the biggest explosions ever’. Can’t go wrong with that.


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