We Have A New Contender For The Worst Driver Of All Time (VIDEO)

This video is not doing female drivers any favours.

This was uploaded in Russian by a YouTuber named Alex KV, who helpfully provided the following translation for the title / dialogue:

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Woman, BMW, reverse. That’s a dangerous combination.


– Don’t film me

– I’m not filming you.

– Then what are you filming this direction for?

– Trust me, I have a good feeling about this…

Watch below:

Quite why she was on the pavement before going batshit in reverse, we will never know. Which is a shame because if we had that on camera and then maybe a fight between the guys it might’ve turned out to be the perfect Russian internet video. Guess we can’t have everything.

Bonus video – 4 minutes of female drivers in action (sorry about the music):


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