Ways To Make Your Mornings Better

In these troubled times, it is likely your sleep patterns will have changed. The lines between day and night, work and rest have changed. As most of us are no longer required to wake up early for a long commute to work, it is tempting to finish those last few episodes of your favourite Netflix season and sleep late.

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Waking up on time and in a presentable state for a 9 am Zoom call, therefore, becomes harder and harder. But fear not, here are our handy tips to feel refreshed and make your mornings better:

Natural light

It is tempting to close your blackout curtains and sleep your way through the morning. Do not do this. The human body naturally follows the pattern of the sun. Leaving your curtains open a crack will do wonders as the sunrises and naturally helps you wake up. If you set the alarm, try to wake up on the first ring. Do not spend hours snoozing!

Take a shower

It is very easy to fall into the trap of spending the day in bed. What’s the point in getting dressed if no-one is going to see you? There are, in fact, many reasons, the most important being your frame of mind. If you continue a proper routine, take a shower, dress nicely, etc. you will feel awake and, in the mood, to work. Your productivity will go through the roof compared to moping around in your pyjamas.

Perform some exercises

There is nothing like a good run/jog, or some Yoga/stretches to begin the day. As well as keeping you fit and healthy, this will help wake you up and make you alert. If there’s more than one of you in the home, do it together, it is always good to motivate and push each other. You can get more professional tips and ideas on staying fit on Click Pharmacy.

Cook a healthy breakfast

Now that you no longer have that long commute to work, you have some extra time to cook yourself a healthy breakfast. Search online and find some healthy recipes containing fruits, fibre, and healthy drinks.

Listen to some music

Music helps to lower stress and can fill you with positive vibes. Make yourself a playlist of feel-good music that can help put you in a positive mindset.


Staying hydrated is vital to a positive state of mind. After a night without water intake, your body will be craving it. Drink a glass or two of water to re-hydrate yourself for the day ahead, and remember to keep drinking fluids throughout the day.

Set some goals

It is very easy to open your email and get distracted by a flood of random tasks that have come in overnight. You are likely to lose half your day on such tasks. So why not plan to achieve some set tasks before lunch. Try to complete one or two of your tasks before you open your mailbox. It will do wonders for your productivity.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a healthy routine is vital to a positive and productive day. Follow our tips above to maintain a sense of normality during the lockdown.


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