More Pictures Of Wayne Rooney Completely Wasted Over The Weekend Have Emerged (PHOTOS)


Classic Rooney.

Despite the fact that England managed to blow a 2-0 lead over Spain in the dying minutes of last night’s match, the real story this morning is that The Sun have managed to get their hands on even more pictures of England Captain Wayne Rooney looking completely wasted as he celebrated England’s win over Scotland at the weekend.

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We all probably know the story that Rooney decided to go out drinking and ended up at the Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire on Saturday night, where he crashed a wedding and necked red wine with England teammate Phil Jagielka until the early hours of the morning. Despite the fact that everyone was talking about how he stayed up all night though, I doubt that any of us actually thought we would end up seeing pictures of him looking this hammered – also kinda embarrassing that he was wearing his full England kit. Lad.


One of the wedding guests said the following:

Wayne went into the wedding with Jagielka and got absolutely plastered.

He couldn’t string a sentence together and was falling over like the ‘comedy drunk’ – no-one could believe this was the England captain.

He was out of his head sinking glass after glass of red wine.

The pictures were taken in the early hours and everyone carried on drinking after that.


Whilst someone who works at the hotel said:

He was causing a commotion so word got around quickly.

He was stumbling around a lot and could hardly speak.

It’s a difficult situation for staff because the England players are here a lot, so we don’t want to upset them.


Well, to be honest I don’t really know what the commotion is all about? So what if Rooney got wasted, it’s not like it’s something he’s done all his career, and he did it in an environment he trusted where he should have been allowed to do so without any repercussions. It’s only really because these dickheads at the wedding asked him to pose with them – which he happily obliged to – and then sold their pictures and stories to the press that he’s getting shit about it.

Give the guy a break basically, he’s worked his ass off for this country for the past 15 years and you can’t say that about many people whatever their nationality. Let him get wasted once in a while – it’s not like he even did anything majorly embarrassing. It’s pretty much just the equivalent of mine or your Saturday night and it’s not like he gets one of those too often either. Lay off.

For more Wayne Rooney, check him out with one of the lamest bitch slaps ever when he appeared on WWE Raw the other month. Classic Rooney.


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