Wayne Rooney Is ‘Building A Tunnel System In His Mansion To Keep His Hair Transplant Dry’

Wayne Rooney

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It’s going to be a big year for Wayne Rooney, not only because he’s returning to his boyhood club Everton but also because he’s moving into a new £10 million mansion with his family nearby.

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The huge Georgian style six bedroom property will feature stables and a large garage, which will be connected to the main residence via an underground tunnel. There are also going to be two elevators in the main residence as well.

It’s currently being speculated that the underground tunnel is so that the Rooneys can avoid the rain when they’re heading to the garage on a wet day – and it’s being speculated that this is mainly so that Coleen will always look in pristine condition and that Wayne’s famous hair transplants won’t get wet and damaged either.


More realistically though, they’re probably including this tunnel as a safety precaution after Coleen was left shaken following an attempted burglary last August. It’s way funnier to think that Wayne Rooney is building a tunnel to keep his plugs dry though so let’s just roll with that. Soft lad.

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