Wayne Rooney Arrested For Swearing And Public Intoxication In Washington DC


You can take the boy out of England.

Wayne Rooney probably thought that he could finally start living a quiet life in the MLS after he decided to move to DC United, but it turns out that this isn’t quite the case.

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Rooney was up to his old tricks again recently as it’s emerged that he was arrested on December 16th at Dulles International Airport in Washington after he had spent a few days in Saudi Arabia. The charge was ‘swearing and public intoxication’ and Rooney was released on a recognisance bond after he agreed to attend a later court date on January 4th.

Rooney showed up to this and paid $91 costs alongside a fine of $25 for his actions. This also lead all to all the journos finding out about it and his mugshot being blasted all over the internet.

Well, what can we say about that really? Doesn’t sound like we really know too much about the situation but it sounds like Rooney was being a bit of a lout from what we do know. I suppose he probably thought it wouldn’t be such a big deal in America – and in fairness it wasn’t because it took almost a month to come to light – but even so he’s still gotta be a bit more careful than this.

Maybe try not being a jerk all the time and he might stay out of trouble. Just saying.

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