Wayne Lineker Claims He Dated ‘Love Island’ Champ Ekin-Su And Pulled Her In Nando’s



I think everyone agrees that Wayne Lineker is a creepy weirdo because when you’re 60 years old you shouldn’t really be partying constantly and hanging out and dating girls who aren’t even half your age, but once again he’s managed to outdo himself with some more bizarre comments.

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Wayne was speaking to the ‘Saving Grace’ podcast where he casually admitted to dating ‘Love Island’ winner Ekin Su, revealing that he ‘pulled’ her in an extremely creepy way. Here’s what he had to say:

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I’ve not watched it for a few years, but I actually dated the winner of Love Island, Ekin-Su, loads of times.

She stayed with me at Seven Pines. Bizarre, isn’t it?

We just laughed and we’ve got so many funny stories.

We met in Nando’s. She walked in and I was like, “F**k she’s fit.”

I airdropped her my number.

I was the only one in there. Then she walked out of Nando’s. Walked down the road,

I could still see her. She went, ‘Hi. What you doing?’

Yeah, so, I pulled her in Nando’s.

I dunno, that story sounds so unbelievable that it almost might actually be true? Only problem is that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl get airdropped something without their permission and been actively impressed with it, but I suppose in fairness that I’ve never seen a girl get airdropped Wayne Lineker’s number. Can’t really see it being the method of unsolicited communication that would definitely make all the girls scream and go crazy though, can you?

Unsurprisingly, Ekin Su hasn’t yet reacted to this revelation but I imagine that she’ll probably just ignore it or completely shut it down if she does choose to make a comment. These two just met each other in Nando’s?! Pull the other one, surely.

For more of the same, check out this American superfan who has Ekin-Su’s name tattooed on his arm. Wonder if he dated her once in the past too?



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