More Horrific Footage Of The Driver Who Plowed Into People At Christmas Parade In Wisconsin

30-year-old Darrell E Brooks is in police custody.

So there’s a couple videos there of the terrible news we woke to this morning – that some lone wolf lunatic had plowed his car through a bunch of people at a Christmas Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, which thus far has claimed the lives of 5 people with another 40 injured.

There’s also this gut-wrenching footage of a child that came within inches of being hit by the car as it sped past…

The good news is that the killer, 30-year-old Darrell E Brooks, is in custody…

Turns out the guy is an admitted child sex trafficker with a long criminal record…

What can you even say really? RIP to the victims and thoughts and prayers with their friends and families, and those recovering in hospital. The saddest part is that you just know every Christmas that someone, somewhere in the world is going to pull a madness like this in a crowded public area, and it’s got to the point where you might actually consider avoiding Christmas markets and parades altogether this year. You just never know when some psychopath who hates the world will decide they want to ruin everyone else’s lives too, and try to cause as much suffering and destruction as possible in as little time they can. Stay safe out there.


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