Lad Catches A BRUTAL Knee To The Face From His Buddy Coming Down The Water Slide

You can physically feel this knee through your screen.

Indoor water parks are cesspits that I think most adults try to avoid, but usually you’re worried about catching some sort of disease, not accidentally having your face obliterated by your buddy coming down the water slide.

On the plus side, it’s almost winter, and so maybe drinking soup through a straw for the next few months won’t be so bad for this kid:

Yeowch! That’s gonna leave a mark. It was all going so well, too. He successfully ducked under the first guy coming down the slide but then for some reason popped right back up just as the second guy came sliding down and basically gave him the Seth Rollins flying knee to the face. I mean even the stills are completely horrific:

Full impact and completely unexpected too. That has to be a broken nose in the least, right? And possibly a full-on coma and several broken face bones at most.

Oh well, I’m sure him and his bros will be laughing it up a few years down the line once the multiple, extensive surgeries to repair his face are complete. The best part? They got it all on video! So that’s something to soothe the pain I guess.

For the girl who had to get 250 stitches in her vagina after being hit by a water jet at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, click HERE. Thoughts & prayers.


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