Watching Snoop Dogg Narrate Planet Earth Is Absolutely Epic


Plizzanet Earth.

There are three words on the internet that literally guarantee comedy gold, and they are ‘watch Snoop Dogg’ – whatever the Doggfather is tasked with doing he manages to make it hilarious in his own special way.

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In the clip below, Snoop is appearing on Jimmy Kimmel where for some reason they thought it would be a good idea to get him to narrate an epic battle between a bat and a scorpion, the kind of thing that you would normally expect someone like David Attenborough to be supplying the voiceover for. Obviously Snoop comes in though and completely and utterly owns it:

Bye bye bitch has to be one of the best lines ever. Imagine if David Attenborough said that on Planet Earth?

Anyway, I really thought that the scorpion was gonna have the bat when he managed to sting him with his tail but the battle really takes second place to the epic narration here doesn’t it? I think we know who we should get in to do Planet Earth when Attenborough finally passes away, don’t we?

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