Watching Every Episode Of The First Season Of Friends At The Same Time Will Melt Your Brain


This sounds and looks like one big seizure-inducing mess.

If there’s anything worse than watching Friends re-runs, it has got to be watching the entire first season of the show layered over each other to form a demonic cacophony that sounds like the jumbled background noise you hear at a public swimming pool mixed with Led Zeppelin records played backwards to reveal Satanic messages.

It’s also the most visually offensive thing we have ever seen; occasionally you’ll convince yourself that you’ve witnessed someone casually sipping their coffee in Central Perk or Phoebe laughing at something stupid but it’s mostly just one big seizure-inducing mess. Although the video gives us a nightmare of a migraine, it’s pretty cool to spend a few minutes trying to make out what’s going on and it’s still a thousand times better than the actual show. Props if any of you manage to watch it all the way through because we sure as hell didn’t.


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