Watch The World’s Most Expensive Burger Get Assembled In Three Minutes



Everyone loves eating burgers, but I never really want to spend more than about £10 on one because you can get the sloppy ones for about that and they’re way better than the super expensive ones you get from Gordon Ramsay’s posh restaurant for about eighty quid or something. Come at me bro, you know I’m right.

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Anyway, that means that this one dubbed ‘The Golden Boy’ from Dutch eatery De Daltons is probably never going to be on the menu for me as it costs €5000 and takes nine hours to prepare. Thankfully though, they’ve decided to make this video showing how they prepare it so I can live vicariously through these chumps that want to drop a month’s wages on a burger:

– Wagyu Beef A5 (50% Chuck, 25% Brisket, 25% Short Rib)
– King Crab, cooked in chablis
– Dom Perignon-battered onion rings
– Paleta Ibérico Bellota
– Italian White Truffle
– Bluga Caviar
– Dom Perognon Bun made with saffron and coverd in GOLD
– Smoked saffron mayo sauce of duck eggs
– BBQ Sauce made of Kopi Luwak coffee and Macallan Single Malt Rare Cask
– Best Cheddar in the World
– Tiger Tomatoes pickled in Japanese Matcha
– Cucumber pickled in Japanese Matcha
– Whisky Infused Smoke

I guess it does look good doesn’t it, although a lot of these fancy words/phrases I don’t even know what they mean? I can kind of guess what ‘Kopi Luwak coffee’ is but ‘Whisky Infused Smoke’ doesn’t exactly sound that fancy or amazing does it? ‘Best Cheddar in the World’ is just stupid as well. Save it for the guys that can drop that much money on this idiocy.

For more of the same, check out Gordon Ramsay’s stupid £80 burger. Looks rank.



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