Gordon Ramsay Is Selling An £80 Burger At His New Harrods Restaurant

Sounds good?

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but the hospitality industry has been on its knees for most of the year thanks to the Coronavirus and the multiple lockdowns that we’ve had to face, so it seems entirely appropriate that Gordon Ramsay is opening up a new restaurant in Harrods where he’s charging £80 for a burger. That’ll definitely help move things along and doesn’t reek of privilege and decadence does it?

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The Gordon Ramsay Burger Restaurant will offer the £80 Wagyu beef burger – it had to be Wagyu didn’t it? – which comes served with the following: beef patty, seared Wagyu sirloin, truffle Pecorino cheese, cep mayonnaise and fresh black truffle. Sounds fancy sure – mainly because I don’t know what half of the ingredients even are – but I’m not sure if I would wanna spunk £80 on it, are you? Although I suppose I’ve been saving some money this year by not eating out during lockdown, so maybe this is the perfect time to go all out and try it?

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Nah, still don’t think so, especially when you have to pay an extra £6 for chips as well and you’ll probably only get about five if Ramsay’s other restaurants are anything to go by. If you fancy checking it out but not going all out on the burger, you can pick up a regular American burger for £21 or an American hot dog for £21 as well or a lobster and shrimp burger for £42.  What a delightful selection!

Fact is that it’s still really expensive and probably not worth it so I doubt I’m ever going to visit this restaurant to be honest. Not like Ramsay really needs any more money, is it? Dread to think of the kind of clientele that places like this attract as well. Not for me guys.

If you need any more convincing about the value of Ramsay’s restaurants, check out this portion of fish and chips from one of them recently. Truly skanky.


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