Watch A Woman’s Body Fall Out Of A Coffin After The Pallbearer Falls On Top Of It

Woman Falls Out Of Coffin

What a disaster.

Funerals are supposed to be sombre affairs, so you can really imagine something like what plays out in the video below really ruining it.

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The video comes from over in Pampas, Peru and it really is what you would describe as a comedy of errors. It all kicks off when one of the pallbearers falls on top of the coffin as it’s being lowered into the grave and then as he scrambles to get out he kidna kicks the top of the coffin so that the dead body almost falls out.

He eventually manages to get out but not before everyone in the crowd wails and cries all over the place and it’s just a total shit show:

Damn. Talk about the exact opposite of what you wanted to happen when you’re attending a funeral, but at least it looks like they sorted it out in the end. Hopefully they managed to learn their lesson too and will have the proper safety restrictions in place next time they try to do anything like this. We can but hope.

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