Watch This Woman Walk Through An Airport Wearing Just A Bikini And A Mask


I don’t think there’s any formal dress code for going on an airplane but I’ve always found it kinda weird when people get dressed up and wear suits or whatever – surely you just wanna be in your most comfortable clothes because chances are it’s going to be a pretty crappy time on the plane?

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Anyway, I normally wear shorts, a football shirt and a hoodie and I thought that was pretty much the definition of casual, but it turns out that a woman over in America has taken it up a notch by just wearing a bikini and a face mask. Get a load of this footage of her walking around the terminal without a care in the world.

What an absolute killer, although I do kinda worry for her because planes are normally a bit cold aren’t they? Hope she had a hoodie or something in that bag for when she got a bit cooler. Wonder where she was going?

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