Watch This Woman Get Knocked Out For Spitting On Another Woman In A Restaurant


I think at the best of the times that if you spit on someone in a restaurant then you would be looking at getting knocked out fairly promptly, but that’s exemplified even further at the moment because of how the stakes have been raised because of Coronavirus and that’s exactly what happens in this video.

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Not sure where it originates from but you can hear pretty clearly at the start of it that everyone who is filming is pretty annoyed and angry at the woman they’ve got the camera trained on because of her spitting on them earlier. It’s not long before justice is served though, as she gets absolutely clattered by another woman and it does not look good for her.

Take a look below and see for yourself:

Blam, that’s all she wrote. I suppose we don’t know for sure that this woman was going around spitting on people, but they did all say it and it even sounded like one of them was explaining it to another one and that seems like a bit of an elaborate scheme to employ solely to justify KOing someone in the restaurant like this, so I’m gonna say I think it’s legit.

Don’t spit at people and make sure you wear a mask. If it’s doing nothing else, this video should at least remind you of that.

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