Watch This Woman Go On An Insane Rant When She Accuses A Guy Of Parking Too Close To Her

Crazy Lady


There’s nothing that has the ability to stress people out like parking a vehicle and this video below is somewhat proof of it – but also proof that some people are just bonafide insane as well.

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In the video, we see a guy filming a confrontation he’s having with some woman in the car park of Home Depot. The woman is accusing him of parking his car way too close to hers so that she can’t open the door properly, but this is completely incorrect when you look at how both of them have parked because she’s actually over the line.

It starts off fairly civil-is but then about the one minute mark the woman completely and utterly loses the plot and goes one of the most insane rants I’ve seen recently, made all the worse by the fact that she’s completely and utterly in the wrong:

Whoa yeah, I think I’m in somewhat of a state of disbelief after hearing that as well. I can’t believe people can just get so angry about something like that – even if they were in the right it seems like a complete overreaction. It doesn’t even really look like it’s even a problem to open the door either and even if it was it’s a problem that could be solved way more easily than by acting like this. Some people are just the worst.

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