News Anchor Goes On Brutal Rant About ‘Soft’ Millennial Men, Says They’re All ‘Pansies’

Is she talking about you?

Super-conservative news anchor Tomi Lahhren has a dislike for most things and has been known to go on try-hard rants about Barack Obama, Beyonce and whiny millennials in attempts to go viral in the past. Despite being a millennial herself, she says she can’t stand her generation.

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In this one she goes IN on the modern-day man who according to her can’t change a light bulb and relies on spunking his parent’s cash. She drives home the point that it’s not the fault of strong women that millennial men can’t handle them.

Watch below:


Truthfully, she’s not wrong. Especially the bit about how having a beard defines masculinity these days instead of actually doing manly things. At the same time though, if this girl’s allowed to compare the modern day man to the old school man in such a ruthless manner, then what if a male news anchor came along and started comparing the modern woman to the old school woman? You know, the one who cooked and cleaned and looked after the home while the man did all the things Tomi’s talking about. That would probably get messy in a hurry.

I suppose times change, the world changes and so do ideas of what it is to be female. If you’re a man though, you better know how to change a tyre because paying the mechanic to do it is what a millennial pussy would do.

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