Watch This Woman Expose Her Cheating Boyfriend During Her Birthday Speech

Girl Cheating

Nobody has ever liked finding out that they’ve been cheated on by their significant other, but the real question once you discover their infidelity is just what you’re going to do about it?

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There are a whole bunch of options, but one of the best is probably to leave them mortified by their actions by embarrassing them in front of all of your mutual friends by telling them all about it. This is exactly the course fo action that 22 year old Tiana Perea decided to take by announcing that she had discovered her boyfriend sexting another girl and of course she captured the moment on social media so that it could be enjoyed by all the world as well:

I mean whichever way you’re looking at that there, you can’t really say that it isn’t completely awesome.  Santos got totally owned and exposed by his girlfriend and subsequently embarrassed in one of the worst possible ways. Love the way he didn’t even try and defend himself but just walked away meekly with his tail between his legs.

Don’t honestly think Tiana looked that happy about everything though when she did it, although I suppose you wouldn’t when you find out your boyfriend is doing that. Handled it like a champ though – just hope she didn’t end up so rat assed drunk at her birthday that she ended up puking or something. Hope you feel better girl.

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