Watch This Woman On Drugs Twerk All Over The Vegetables At The Supermarket

You go girl.

You kinda assume that less people are out there doing drugs and losing their minds in public places because the Coronavirus pandemic is making it more and more difficult to actually do that effectively, but here’s another video popping up that shows you all hope isn’t lost in this matter.

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Not exactly sure where this video is coming from, but the woman in it is clearly messed up as she proceeds to drag herself across the floor of the supermarket like she’s possessed by a demon, before jumping up and proceeding to twerk all over the vegetables that are out on display and people are looking to buy. Obviously, nobody is too happy about this development and everyone is imploring her to leave, but she just isn’t having it and continues to twerk away like she has no idea where she is or what she’s doing.

Take a look at it below and see what you think:

I suppose we shouldn’t laugh because this woman is clearly on drugs or mentally ill or something, but some of her behaviour here is quite funny and does get a giggle out of me. It’s just a shame that she’s so clearly off her head.

Hope she eventually calmed down and somebody helped her out and there were no lasting consequences, other than this video being blasted around the video and embarrassing the hell out of her. If you’re gonna get that messed up though you have to be ready for something like that to happen though surely. Probably a weekly occurrence.

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