Watch A Woman Bite Her Friend’s Ear Off In A Kebab House During Row Over Money

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Full Mike Tyson.

Whatever Mike Tyson achieved in his career, he’s always going to be remember as the man who bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear during their boxing match and that’s why his name always comes up when a story like this emerges.

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This is because the woman in the video below full on Mike Tysoned her mate after they were having an argument in a kebab house in Newport after a drunken night out. The footage of Victoria Burgess pummelling her mate Jemma Edwards before sitting on top of her and taking a chunk out of her here is pretty distressing, but you clicked on this article so it’s obviously the kinda stuff that you like to see.

Go ahead my friend:

Jesus that is savage. Kinda like some illegal fight club kinda shit. Can’t really believe that all the guys – or people before anyone accuses me of sexism – can’t get Burgess (I’m calling her by her surname because she’s clearly a criminal) off before she bites her ear off, but hey I guess they were scared because she’s clearly an absolute psycho. That final kick in the head afters she’s bit the ear off is just brutal.

Prosecutor Bethan Evans explained what happened:

The defendant started screaming at her, something about stealing.

The victim’s memory is poor but she remember pain in her ear and blood dripping down her arms.

Her only recollection is of looking down and seeing part of her ear on the floor.

She picked it up and threw it back to the ground, horrified at the sight of it.

The pain was excruciating.

Burgess was jailed for four and half years for her part in the crime. On the other hand, Jemma’s ear was placed in a refrigerator in the kebab house and was able to be surgically reattached because of this. She then had to endure leech therapy to get it going again, so at least she didn’t lose it but hey, that sounds like a terrible time. Sounds like Burgess needed to be taught a lesson and put away for a bit so glad that happened as well. Don’t bite your friends’ ears off basically – it’s a bad look.

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