Watch These Two Massive Brown Bears Go At It In A UFC Style Fight (VIDEO)

Actually unbelievable footage.

I’m not gonna lie, when I saw the title of the video as two massive brown bears have a fight I doubted that it was going to be anything too impressive, but then I watched the clip below and realised that it was some truly insane footage that these guys had managed to capture.

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The Samulin Matkassa film crew ventured to the Boreal Wildlife Centre in Kuhmo, Finland last months in the hopes of getting some shots of bears doing some crazy shit and I’m 100% sure that the video below exceeded even their wildest expectations as it features two bears having a full on ruckus for at least five minutes. It’s probably better if you just watch the video and don’t know what’s going to happen because it’s definitely the kind of stuff that I’ve never seen before and really surprised me:

Two of the bears were pretty much the same size and they started to roar very loudly to each other and moments later they engaged in a fierce brawl within 10 meters (30 feet) from us.

The whole scene, starting with the extremely loud roars followed up by a big fight, was an experience that left the whole film crew speechless and even confused for a while.

Wow. What the hell is going on there? I didn’t even know bears could stand up on their hind legs like that, let alone scrap around in that way as well. Absolutely mental.

Apparently they were fighting over territory as females prefer big strong bears with dominance over their land, but with that in mind I doubt the females would like either of them as they both kinda pussy out towards the end and neither of them go in for the kill. Kinda hoping we would see a winner, but still cool just to see a scrap like that on camera. I’ll never underestimate an animal fighting headline ever again.

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