Watch Two Bulls Collide With Each Other Head On In The Arena And Die Instantly



Every time we feature something about bullfighting we make sure to comment on how gross and fucked up it is and how it should be banned, and this video is probably the worst yet.

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Normally it’s some story about a bull fucking up a human – and deservedly so most of the time – but this video features a couple of bulls being let out into the arena before they’re due to face a matador later in the day. Unfortunately for them neither of them made it.

The two bulls – who weighed half a ton each – ram into each other head first and smack into each other with such force that it both kills them instantly. They both just keel over on their backs on the sand. This is actually pretty upsetting so if you don’t want to see two animals die, then don’t watch it, seriously:

Ugh, absolutely awful. Can someone please stop us watching animals killed each other and pretty much be tortured for their entire lives for our viewing pleasure?

If this isn’t enough to put you off bullfighting, check out a woman getting gored to death during this year’s running of the bulls. It’s not safe or fun for anyone by the looks of things.


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