Watch Two Alligators Kick The Crap Out Of Each Other On A Golf Course

A battle to the death.

It’s pretty obvious that nobody ever wants to have their golf game interrupted by an alligator on the course, but it’s probably even worse when you see that there’s a couple of them fighting to what looks like the death up there getting in the way of your game.

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The clip below is taken by some guy called Timmy Horton Outdoors and there isn’t really much to it other than the fact that two giant gators have decided to have a massive scrap on the fairway of hole number 9. Thankfully the guys golfing didn’t just stand there bering really angry that their little game was interrupted, but instead decided to film the epic battle and get really up close to do so as well. Legends.

OK I love how the most important thing the guys are talking about literally all through the video is about whether they should tee off or not and just kinda ignoring the fact that these two alligators are trying to bite each other’s head off – all they care about is their stupid golf game. Of course, it’s probably a semi regular occurrence to see gators lolloping around if you’re a redneck southerner over in America though. Just part of the scenery down there.

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