Watch A Trump Supporter Pull A Gun On Teenage Girls After He Was Splashed With Water

Come on now.

The American election is just under a week away and it seems like everything is really heating up over there as this is the second time we’ve featured a video of a Trump supporter pulling a gun on a group of teenagers ragging on him.

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Apparently the video is taken in Washington – not sure if that’s DC, or Washington State – and it starts just after the teenage girls threw some water on the Trump supporter. His natural reaction to this is to pull out his gun and point it at them and obviously everything got a bit hectic after that.

Checkout the video below:

Jesus. In fairness to the guy, it does sound like the girl making the video is incredibly annoying from her running commentary and that she has also been banging at him n for hours judging by the sound of her voice. It’s also not really that nice to have someone throw water over you for your political beliefs, but I think that pulling a gun on someone here is a major escalation of the situation that is completely unnecessary and definitely did not need to happen. Surely most people – even Trump supporters? – would agree with that point of view?

I guess it would be nice if politics didn’t inspire such extreme reactions in people, but then I also suppose it wouldn’t be politics if that was the case. Don’t think either side comes off particularly well in this exchange but the guy with the gun is definitely the worst, what the hell is wrong with him if some teenagers throwing water on him and riding on his political beliefs is enough to make him do that? Seriously messed up.

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