Drunk Trump Supporter Loses An Argument With Kids And Pulls A Gun On Them In Haunted House (VIDEO)

What a baby.

A Trump supporter got into an argument with a crew of woke 14-year-olds at a haunted house in Idaho last Friday and ended up getting so owned he pulled a gun on them.

I don’t know if anything these kids are saying about Trump is true or not (he wants to ban adoption? Wut?) but it doesn’t even matter because there is one man and one man only who takes an L in this video and it’s the only grown man in it:

Lol @ the guy saying “calm the fuck down” and one of the kids responding with “you’re the one with a gun”. Since when were 14-year-olds so hilarious? OK they did go into woke overload at one point with the “you’re a fucking cis white hetero male!” dramatics but the way they were ganging up on that guy and reminding him they were 14 and crushing him in an argument was laugh out loud funny.

They got the last laugh as well, as police ended up arresting 37-year-old Joshua K. Lockner after he was detained by on-site security. Just realised he was wearing a ‘Fuck your feelings’ T-shirt as well. Just too much irony to handle.

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