Watch This Topless Man Completely Off His Nut Try To Buy Milk From Aldi


Normal behaviour.

I mean everyone has those moments when you want to get completely wasted and just prang out and not care about anything, anyone or the consequences of your actions, but there’s a time and a place for this and it’s not in Aldi on a Sunday afternoon.

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Nevertheless there are always those times when stuff like this happens and over the weekend some guy who was completely wired – and I mean completely wired – thought that it was a good idea to head to Aldi topless and try and buy a couple of pints of milk on his own. Completely normal behaviour I’m sure you’ll agree:

Geez Louise that is rank eh? You think of all the times you’ve been completely wasted and I seriously doubt that you’ve ever done anything as disgusting as that guy right there.

Just think of all the kids that were exposed to his absolutely wretched behaviour. Truly awful – just stay home or make sure you’re at a festival next time you want to behave like that dude. Seriously.

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