Watch This Woman Take Control Of A Pack Of Wolves Like An Absolute Boss

Here’s what to do if you’re ever attacked by a wolf.

This is filmed in a zoo in Sweden where apparently these wolves actually killed one of their zookeepers a couple of years ago.

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Luckily for this gal she knows exactly what to do when faced with a wolf trying to rip her face off – kick him in the dick until he leaves you alone:

Hardcore stuff. Something tells me that wasn’t the first time that lady had to punt someone in the balls. I reckon she should watch her back from now on though. That other wolf howling at the end there was probably sending out a message to the rest of the pack. Can’t be having these humans showing up in our den whenever they want and kicking us all in the balls.

For a horrific video in which a wolf-pack singles out and attacks its lowest ranked member, click HERE.


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