Watch This Video Of WWE Fans Distraught That Roman Reigns Was #30 In The Royal Rumble

How to ruin a WWE fan’s life in 1 second.

If you watched the Royal Rumble on Sunday night, you were probably excited for the 30th and final entrant which is traditionally a crowd-pleasing surprise.

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Who would it be this year? A returning Daniel Bryan? A debuting Samoa Joe? Kurt fucking Angle?

How about… Roman Reigns:

Unbelievable troll move by the WWE. There’s no chance Vince McMahon or whoever wasn’t backstage laughing his arse off when Reigns’s music hit and the entire crowd just deflated in an instant. Why does the WWE hate its fans so much?


Maybe this will lead to a cool surprise down the road but for now, a wildly disappointing decision. I’ll bet people are going to be thrilled when he retires Undertaker at Wrestlemania too.


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