Watch This Swedish Bloke Scare The Shit Out Of A Bear That’s Attacking Him

Fuck. That.

If I was out in the woods and a whopping big bear ran at me, beyond literally shitting myself, I’ve no idea how I’d react. I’m fairly certain that I wouldn’t try to scare the bear off like this nutcase did.

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I’d probably either scream like a little girl and try to run away, or curl up in a ball and accept my impending demise.

It turns out, though, that the best way to deal with a scary bear, is to scare the bear. It’s easy. You just make yourself big and shout at it, apparently.

Fuck that.

The bear turns and runs off, but I still wouldn’t stick around to see if this works every time. I don’t recommend that you do, either. To be fair, you probably aren’t going to be attacked by a bear anyway, but f you are, and you catch it on film, be sure to show us.

It’s not the first bear attack we’ve seen being dealt with. Remember the fella that got chased through the woods? If only he knew that all he needed to do was shout at the thing…


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