Watch This Spoiled Little YouTuber Get The Ultimate Comeuppance For Blocking Traffic

100% deserved.

The twat you see posing on the hood of that (blatantly rented) car is ‘YouTube personality’ Coby Persin. He must think he’s pretty damn cool because he’s blocked off traffic and inconvenienced a whole bunch of people just to get his photos taken.

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Well, one guy was simply not having it:

Taking out insurance might’ve been a good idea eh? Of course being a ‘YouTube personality’ there’s always a chance this guy set the whole thing up in an attempt to go viral but I’m really hoping it’s real. I just wish the guy had gone full-on Michael Douglas in Falling Down with that baseball bat, rather than just the one smash. Still pretty satisfying though.

For a video of a BMW driver completely losing control of his vehicle on California’s most notorious turn, click HERE.


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