Watch This Police Officer Brutally Body Slam A 12 Year Old Girl

Police body slam girl

School fights are way more severe than they used to be.

When I was at school, if kids got into a fight we’d all just gather around and watch until a couple of teachers would come and break it up or whatever. But it seems like times have changed as this video shows — apparently now the police get involved.

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The 12 year old girl, Janissa Valdez, was reportedly arguing with another student when the school police officer (is that a thing?) Joshua Kehm, stepped in and dealt with it the only way he knew how — by brutally body slamming her to the floor. You can hear the crack as she eats the pavement and all her mates huddle around asking if she is OK.

The police officer said he was supposedly threatened by her, although by the looks of the size of her compared to him, I’m pretty sure he could have handled that without pulling out some wrestling moves. Needless to say, he has been placed on administrative leave and the school is currently investigating the matter. Check it out:

Harsh no? Apparently she doesn’t even remember the aftermath of the slam as she momentarily lost consciousness and she now has a bruised and swollen right eye.

Should probably just leave the body slamming to Action Bronson.


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