Watch This Old Dude Kick Off When His Uber Driver Tells Him To Stop Smoking Weed (VIDEO)


Zero fucks given.

A dude named Terry Brown over in New Orleans is one of the many people who now use medical marijuana to ease pain for aching joints.

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But while it’s totally cool to light up in this area of the world as the use of weed for ailments has been decriminalised, his Uber driver did not see it in the same way.

In the footage below (not really sure why Terry was filming himself taking a huff on his vape – but fairs) the Uber driver tells him to stop smoking weed in his car. But Terry, who describes himself as a rapper, was not having any of it:

I’m gonna side with Terry on this one. That guy did say he could smoke at the beginning of it and weed has been decriminalised over there. Plus he just seems like an absolute baller.

That Uber driver needs to leave it out. He could’ve been lumped with someone way worse, like this annoying chick.


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