Watch This Man’s Chilling Facebook Confession After Killing Son And Ex-Wife


Messed up.

A multi-state manhunt is underway, after the below video emerged showing a man confessing to shooting his ex-wife and son.

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Earl Valentine allegedly kicked in the back door of his ex-wife’s home in North Carolina before barging in and shooting her in the chest. He also shot dead his 15-year-old son.

Valentine then loaded up the video onto Facebook of all places, confessing to his crime and explaining why he did it. He’s now on the run as the police search for his whereabouts:

Chilling stuff. He’s quite clearly mentally unstable – there’s no excuse for shooting people full stop, but your own family? That’s a man scorned right there.

As said, the police are now on the lookout for Valentine, who they describe as being armed, dangerous and suicidal. No kidding.

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