Watch This London Policeman Go Berserk And Smash A Guy’s Windscreen For No Reason


I thought this kind of stuff only happened in America.

Getting pulled over by the cops is usually scary enough, but it’s a whole different ball game when they decide to start smashing up your car for literally no reason.

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That’s what 25 year old Leon Fontana is saying happened to him – and he’s got the video to prove it. Although, the video doesn’t go into any details about what has caused the event – he starts filming well into the conversation with the officer – you can see the police officer go absolutely crazy for no real reason at Leon, smashing up his windscreen with his nightstick and then pulling it off with a knife when he refuses to get out of the vehicle.


Jesus, that is kind of like something you expect to happen in the backwoods of middle America rather than in Gospel Oak, London. Leon is claiming that it was a case of mistaken identity and that he was unlawfully abused, but you’ve got to think that there was something else going on with this for that cop to react like that? Surely – he can’t just be a highly strung asshole can he?

In any case, Leon wasn’t arrested – he did have to spend the night in hospital though as some of the glass from the windshield went in his eye – and the police are apparently conducting a full investigation into what happened. Sure we’ll see the results of that fairly shortly and have an explanation for it. Yeah right.

For more police acting like dickheads, then here’s a video of a policeman trying to frame someone for a DUI. Scum.


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