Watch This Kid Absolutely Annihilate Everyone Who Gets In His Way On The Rugby Field


Whoever gets this guy on their team definitely has an unfair advantage.

The thing that I like about rugby is that sometimes it can just go absolutely savage with guys just beating the ever loving shit out of each other, but it’s in the rules so it’s allowed – that’s cool.

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It might not be so cool though when you’re playing in a tournament when you’re about ten years old and one kid is about 7000 times tougher and harder than everyone else in the tournament and just beats the ever loving crap out of everyone without any regard for the rules at all. If you ever wanted to see what that looks like, then take a look at the video below:

Oof. Imagine if you came up against him you would be pretty pissed off, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately there isn’t any more useful information about him so if you’re an agent looking to sign him up, you’re fresh out of luck. He did win player of the tournament at the recent event in Canberra though, so maybe start your search there.

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