Watch This Gang Of Thugs Attacking A News Crew Get Taken Out By A Guy In A Mobile Wheelchair

Thug life.

Over in Sweden, a news team from Channel Nine in Australia was shooting a feature on the vast number of refugees and immigrants that populate Rinkleby square in the country’s capital.

Towards the end of the interview however, some of these refugees decided that they didn’t take too kindly to being on film and attacked the camera crew after covering up their faces. That’s when a local decided to get involved and deliver one of the best slams I have ever seen go down:

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Ooof. That’s gotta hurt having a guy whack into you at full speed, even if he is in a wheelchair and his full speed probably isn’t that high.

To be honest, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more videos of people using their wheelchairs as weapons because it’s completely savage. You could probably even turn it into some kind of sport if you wanted to.

Here’s some footage of a guy scuba diving in a wheelchair too, which just goes to show you can do pretty much anything in one of those things if you want to.


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