Watch This Dork Chatting Shit Get His Comeuppance In The Most Satisfying Way Possible

Fat Kid Instant Karma

We all know that kid who talks a good game but can’t back it up, and it’s the absolute best when he gets found out like in this video.

Everyone know that guy who chats a good game but when it comes down to the crunch actually hasn’t got a clue what he’s talking about – he’s just pretty much made up everything that he always goes on about in an attempt to look cool/like the big man. Basically the guy who Jay from The Inbetweeners is based on.

There’s nothing better than when this guy gets found out and the video below illustrates it perfectly. It features some fat little Australian kid with green hair who obviously doesn’t have a driving licence and has never driven a car trying to teach some older guys how to do a burnout in their car and well, let’s just say the ending is one of the most satisfying things ever when you realise what a blagger this little chump is.


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Absolute gold. You just know as soon as he says ‘I do it all the time……but not now I’ve gotta catch up to my brother’ that he was absolutely full of shit, and it was just so satisfying when he full on fell off of his bike like that at the end. Sometimes blaggers just get what is coming to them. I think it’s called karma or something.

For more examples of the phenomenon, check out this awesome compilation of GIFs.


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