Watch This Crazy Footage Of A Portland Protester Get Battered By Police And Not Even Flinch


The whole Black Lives Matter/protest movement hype seems to have died down a bit in the last couple of weeks, but it’s still going on and things don’t really seem to be getting much better judging by the footage below.

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The video comes from over in Portland, where protesters ended up lighting the Portland Police Association building on fire on Saturday night, leading the police to declare the event a riot in an effort to disperse everyone using ‘crowd control techniques’. This basically meant that anyone not leaving could be beaten up and pepper sprayed and whilst that meant a lot of them hightailed it out of there, one man in a Navy jumper remained and was brutally hit with police batons a few times.

Weird thing was though that it didn’t even seem faze him in the slightest and he just stood there and took it. It was later revealed that he had broken his hand and had been taken to an ambulance, but had remained calm and just kinda shrugged it off. What a legend.

Can’t believe he just took that but I suppose sometimes when you’re in these situations sometimes the adrenaline is pumping so hard that you just don’t let it bother you. Hope he doesn’t feel too sore today though.

Not really sure what to say about the cops as the guy literally isn’t doing anything and looks completely harmless and then just gets wailed on, but I suppose nothing about them surprises me now after the last few weeks. ACAB.

For more of the same, check out this guy knocking out a protester with a baton with one punch. Nice shot.


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