Watch This Guy Knock Out A Protester With A Baton In One Punch

BAton 2

You’re out cold pal.

Sometimes you see those videos when some dickhead is starting on someone else for no reason and then they get their ass kicked and you just feel good inside about it – this is another one of those times.

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I’ve got no idea of the context for this, but you can see some creepy looking protestor who looks like he’s off Mr Robot or The Purge coming at some guy with a baton – and you just kinda get the vibe that he’s in the wrong because of his look or what have you – and he gets totally shut down by the guy he’s going for and clocked in the face with one of the truest shots you’ll ever see.

That’s all she wrote!

Ouch. Hope that guy was in the wrong otherwise I’ve just backed a real asshole, but even then you’ve gotta admire just how beautiful that takedown is. Probably into MMA or whatever.

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