Watch This Crayfish Amputate Its Own Leg To Avoid Being Boiled Alive In Restaurant

Crayifsh Amputate Leg

Desperate times.

There’s a lot to be said about the lengths you would go in order to stay alive, but I’m not sure if I was ever faced with a Saw style scenario where I had to cut my own leg off in order to survive that I would be able to do it – the crayfish in this story has no such qualms.

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In a video that’s equal parts sad and kinda inspiring, the little crayfish is filmed at a restaurant in the moments that it’s about to be boiled alive. Its leg becomes stuck in the cooking pot and it slowly realises that if it wants to survive, then it’s going to have to get rid of the leg.

The little guy then proceeds to cut it off like it doesn’t even give a damn about it, before escaping for good (this is a little gross btw, so you’ve been warned):

Crayfish amputates own claw to escape boiling hotpot

Crayfish amputates own claw to escape boiling hotpot, taken home as pet by dinerSeemingly inspired by the survival movie 127 Hours, a tenacious crayfish desperate to live decided to amputate its own arm to escape a boiling hotpot in China.The daring escape, which occurred right in front of its captors who were about to eat him, was captured in an 11-second clip posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo on Monday (May 28).The clip, which has since gone viral and received more than 635,000 views on Facebook, showed the crustacean clambering out of the hotpot with one of its claws still inside.Presumably cooked from the boiling temperature of the spicy soup, the left claw appeared immobile.The crayfish then decisively – or some would say, casually – used its right claw to detach the incapacitated claw, which dropped into the soup.The creature then turned away to make its escape, but was eventually "saved" by the diner who took the video.The diner, also known on Weibo as Jiuke, said he adopted the crayfish after that, reported Taiwan News on Wednesday."I let him live, I already took him home and I'm raising him in an aquarium," he told concerned netizens, who appealed to him to not eat the crayfish. It is unclear if he ate the claw.Those concerned about the well-being of the crayfish left with only one claw need not worry, for the crustasean is able to grow back its limbs.In 2014, a pregnant lobster which had lost both of its claws and four legs, managed to regrow all of her limbs and even claws, reported the Daily Mail.

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Damn, he really was ruthless there about his arm though wasn’t he? But just take a minute to think about how awful and painful it must have been for him (assuming his gender there, sorry if that offends anyone) to make that decision in that split second. Real heartbreaking stuff.

There is somewhat of a happy ending to the story though – the guy who posted the video revealed that afterwards he decided to adopt the crayfish and is now raising him in an aquarium at his house. I guess if he hadn’t have cut his arm off he would have definitely been toast, but how good is life in this aquarium with only one arm? Better than nothing, but still, that video is messed up.

I’m not one to preach about animal rights and not eating them etc, but man it would be so much better not to boil animals alive like that don’t you think? That’s a really barbaric way to do it and I just can’t get behind it, especially after seeing that video. Not cool.

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