Watch This Clown Get Knocked Out From A Single Punch In Bare Knuckle Boxing

You gotta back that shit up.

It kind of goes without saying that if you’re going to do something flamboyant in the lead up to your bare knuckle boxing match that you had better be able to pull it off in the ring because otherwise you’re going to look like an absolute idiot, but it doesn’t look like Paul Teague got the memo.

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Teague has a habit of dressing up in a clown mask for weigh ins, but it doesn’t seem to be going too well for him as he’s been knocked out clean in both of his last two matches. His most recent bout came against hip-hop artist turned bare-knuckle brawler Famez and he made Teague look like a complete and utter mug by knocking him out with the very first punch in the fight.

Take a look at Teague’s ‘highlight reel’ below:

Lol that really is funny, especially since Teague looks like a major dork when he takes his mask off as well. Not really sure what a guy like that is even doing in a bare knuckle boxing match as he looks like he’s going to get his ass completely beat and that seems to be what’s happening every time he steps foot in the ring. Somebody stop him from competing for his own safety.

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