Watch This Audi Mechanic Take His Customer’s Car For A Joyride Whilst Snorting Blow

Audi joyride

Ultimate job satisfaction.

This video shows a Service Technician at the US Palo Alto branch of Audi taking his customer’s car out for a little spin. Not only did he do it without the owner’s permission, but he also did it while off his fucking tits on coke.

Admittedly there’s no concrete evidence for the coke part, but the uploader insists that he was getting on it. Plus you only need to listen to the sniffing and tapping sounds he makes during his little pit stop to know that he was huffing up some pure blow before ragging it with the music on blast.

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Imagine finding that on your dash cam after picking up your car from its service. When you put your car into an approved dealership you expect it to be treated with care and respect – not taken for a joyride by some optimistic coke-head.

Then again on the flip side, imagine being that Service Technician – what an adrenaline rush that must have been. Obviously I’m not condoning his behaviour and he’s clearly a bit of an asshat, but damn I’d love to go flying along in a stolen Audi whilst ripping some lines. I bet he does this all the time as well – no way is this an isolated incident.

Scarface Coke

In case you think the cocaine thing is just clutching at straws and the joyrider probably just had the sniffles, the uploader left this in the description box:

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Audi Service Technician takes vehicle on test drive, where he proceeds to drive recklessly, double speed limits on city streets, and takes a break to indulge in an unknown illicit substance (white powder was left in the seams of my seats) and then continues to drive while under the influence.

Concrete evidence if you ask me.

No comment from Audi about this yet. Maybe it’s standard protocol for one of their approved services though: give the technician a little white and see how the car handles when he’s flying high.

The thing that’s bugging me is how dumb he must be for not noticing the dash cam. I would have thought a camera hanging down from the windscreen was pretty noticeable. Then again, not as dumb as the guy who reported the theft of his cocaine to the police.


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