Watch This Angry Dude Cling Onto A Moving Car Bonnet While Punching The Windscreen

Angry Man Punches Windshield

Definitely needs therapy.

We’ve all had someone cut us up when we’re driving and it’s all made us pretty fucking angry. But I don’t think anyone can compete with this guy who gets out of his car and kneels on the other dude’s windshield while repeatedly punching the windscreen. Geez.

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There are no details right now of what caused the incident, but it happened yesterday afternoon on St Margret’s Way in Leicester, UK. Get a load of this:

Wow. How can you get so angry about something so trivial? My favourite part has got to be when the car starts to drive off and he just stays on top of it, smashing the windscreen relentlessly. Guy must have really had a bee in his bonnet about something.

I’m also kind of shocked by the guy filming’s non-plussed reaction to it all. I know he seems shocked, saying “this is incredible footage” but he says it in such a nonchalant way that he makes it seem like something he sees a lot. Still, this is Leicester, so maybe he does.

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