Watch This Absolute Moron Shoot Himself In The Face With A Paintball Gun


You can’t really get dumber than this.

Whenever you go paintballing, the scariest part about it all is the fact that you could very easily get blinded from it if you take your goggles off and run around like an idiot – anyone who’s seen that episode of ‘Byker Grove’ will know what I mean.

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Due to this fact, most people who go paintballing will make sure their goggles are on at all times and not even contemplate taking them off as their sight is probably one of the most important things in the world to them. Not everyone in the world thinks like that though, as can be seen by this guy being a complete and utter moron in the video below.

He’s filming for a channel called ‘World’s Most Dangerous Stunts’ and decides to shoot himself in the face with a paintball gun. Seriously:

Yeah I mean that could have ended a lot worse couldn’t it? How fucking stupid do you have to be to shoot yourself in the face with a paintball gun? I know they don’t have ‘Byker Grove’ in America, but doesn’t he ever listen to a safety briefing or think about why you have to wear goggles when you go paintballing?

Absolutely moronic and I’m glad it fucking hurt because it could have gone a hell of a lot worse for him. Hopefully he’ll think twice before the next ‘World’s Most Dangerous Stunt’ that he performs. Good thing he wasn’t using this new paintball gun that can actually pierce the skin. He would have been fucked then eh?


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