There’s Now A Paintball Gun That Can Pierce Your Skin

Paintball Gun Pierces Skin

Paintball just went to the next level.

The thing about paintball is that although it is kinda dangerous and does kind of hurt when you get hit by a paintball, unless you get a bounce shot on your balls then it isn’t actually going to hurt so much that it’s going to make you want to never play paintball again. It’s an enjoyable, slightly scary game that does punish you slightly if you suck at it but not so much that it’s going to negatively affect your enjoyment of it, unless of course you get involved in a PJ and Duncan situation.

That might be all set to change though with the mergence of this new gun, that is actually so powerful that it pierces your skin if you get shot within its range. Check it out below:

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Ooof. Apparently these are only currently being used by riot police in South Africa – which doesn’t sound too good for anyone rioting over there, especially as I doubt the police are really too bothered if they’re aiming at your face – but you can probably imagine that it won’t be long before some people start using them in actual paintball games.

Imagine if a master paintballer like this guy started using them when he was playing? Welcome to a world of pain.


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