Watch This Absolute Mad Man Ride A Hoverboard On The Edge Of A Skyscraper In Dubai

This guy has no right to be alive right now.

Some absolute nutcase by the name of Oleg Cricket climbed up to the top of what looks like a very tall skyscraper in Dubai this week and balanced ridiculously close to the edge of the building on his hoverboard.

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Get ready to witness some mad skills and experience some seriously sweaty palms:

As impressive as that was, I’d be lying if I said part of me didn’t want him to fall off the side of the building. Is it so terrible to think like that? I mean we’ve seen dozens of these videos where guys climb up massive skyscrapers in Dubai and every single one of them has survived. It kind of takes the fun away from watching it if you know no one’s ever going to plummet to their death. I reckon one of these guys needs to take one for the team and “accidentally” fall off the edge next time – bring some much needed drama back into the skyscraper daredevil game.

Since Oleg did survive though maybe he’ll hit up Dubai’s man-made party island that’s set to blow Ibiza out of the water.


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